Mercedes-Benz C- Class: New edition of a bestseller. The new C- Class features the latest Mercedes-Benz driving assistance systems offering the driver cooperative support, and therefore provides a higher level of active safety than its predecessor.

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Видео обзор и тест драйв невероятного автомобиля Мерседес s класса в кузове Что поменялось в машине по сравнению с ранними моделями? Стоит ли брать? Лучшие видео обзоры и тест драйвы Mercedes-Benz C- class Coupe с YouTube. Такие как: The new C- Class Coupé – Trailer - Mercedes-Benz original, In today's video, we'll take an up close and in depth look at the New Mercedes Mercedes-Benz C- Class Coupe review.

5/14/ · The Mercedes C-Class has been given an update for to keep it up to speed with the usual suspects in the compact executive class, namely the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE and Alfa Romeo Giulia.Автор: Carbuyer. The C-Class is loaded with an array of game-changing features. Car enthusiast extraordinaire MrJWW takes us along as he puts the C-Class through its paces. The improved C-Class is sportier than ever, with immense power backing up its sleek design. Mercedes-Benz has outfitted the C-Class with innovative tech to ensure constant comfort and safety.

Продолжительность: Официальный сайт марки Mercedes-Benz в Украине. Легковые и внедорожники C-Class Седан. Лучшее не знает альтернатив. Фото и видео Цены.

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